Scams. Misrepresented listings. Flakes. Ghosts. Exchanging money with strangers on the internet can be risky. To stay safe when booking a room or apartment, never exchange money off of the Flip website. 

All funds exchanged on Flip are protected by our Peace of Mind Guarantee. You will be refunded in full if:

  • You are never granted access to the space
  • The photos and/or description of the space are inaccurate: for example - it’s smaller than represented, there are more people living there than you were told, special amenities like saunas and yards were advertised but don’t exist, or the space is generally unsanitary
  • The property manager decides to cancel the master lease and re-rent the unit to someone else
  • The property manager reasonably refuses to consent to the sublease or to accept your application

We’re committed to creating a safe and trusted community for sublets and lease takeovers. If you have questions, send a note to

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