We welcome the participation of real estate brokers. We do have a few guidelines that we put in place in order to create the best experience for our renters. 

Most importantly, we require that you accept applications and deposits on our platform, including any additional fees that you charge.  Details on that below. 

Second, we ask that you please refrain from messaging listers on Flip requesting that you give them exclusive rights to market their listing.  

Reviewing applications on Flip (Required)

Our users create profiles that include all of the information you would see in a standard rental application, including credit score, background check and income information. When you're messaging with someone you can review this information and decide if you would like to move forward with them as a tenant. 

If you see no information it’s because they haven’t completed their profile on our site yet. Simply ask them to do so. 

Accepting applications on Flip (Required)

We require that the initial application and associated deposits go through our platform.  You can choose the amount of money required to apply to your listing and request these funds when you find a tenant you are happy with. If you are charging a fee then you can include it as part of the deposit required to apply to your listing. 

For example, if monthly rent is $3000 and you want to charge one month rent as a fee, here is what you should do:

  • List the upfront rent deposit as $6000 
  • Once the applicant pays, $6000 will be taken from their account as well as a Flip service fee of 5%, or $300
  • The funds will be transferred to your payout account when the renter requests release 

Signing leases on Flip (Optional)

Optionally, you can upload your own lease document or use our standard sublet agreement and sign the agreement digitally in order to seal the deal.

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