Flip offers an integrated advertising option using Facebook Ads to promote listings on behalf of our users. Advertising with Boosts on Flip allows users to create ads for their listings with just two clicks. These ads use our proprietary algorithms to get the best results and ultimately help users flip their leases faster.

What are Boosts and how does it work?

By Boosting your listing, Flip will automatically create Facebook Ads for your listing. These ads last for one week from the initial Boost purchase and can be bought multiple times for each listing. 

Boosts reach more high quality potential tenants for your listing so you can get out of your lease faster with a qualified tenant.

In order to purchase a Boost, please visit the manage listing page for your listing.

For more information on how Facebook Ads work, please visit the Facebook Ads official page, their Getting started with ads page, or reach out to customer support.

How much do Boosts cost?

Boosts can range from as low as $50 to as high as you feel comfortable spending. The higher your advertising budget, the more high quality views your listing will receive. 

We recommend a minimum budget of $200 per Boost.

Can I order multiple Boosts?

Yes, there is no limit to how many Boosts you can create.

Do you offer reporting?

We provide ad performance reporting via Boost Insights. We provide the following stats on your campaign performance:

  • Ad Views (Ad impressions)
  • People saw your ad (Reach)
  • Clicks
  • Campaign start and end date
  • Amount spent
  • Remaining campaign budget
  • Listing page views
  • Status

In order view your Boost Insights, visit the manage listing page for the listing your bought a Boost for.

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